Welcome to the Front Page, dear Reader.

Welcome to That’s How We Roll! If you’re curious about why this website exists, and covers the wide range of content that it does, please read ‘My Driving Why‘.

This is intended to be a place where gamers from all walks of life and with all backgrounds, maladies and interests can converse and have fun. Please keep comments respectful, polite and civil.

If you like the fiction found on this website, please see the ‘About‘ page for information¬† on where you can find more of my work.

This website originally started as a place to host a podcast of my group’s Promethean: the Created sessions and quickly lost its way (I lost the audio files some time ago). Now it is a platform for my game related fiction, thoughts, adventure hooks and anything else I can think of.

It is primarily concerned with role-playing games, but from time to time I may dip into other forms of tabletop entertainment.

Disclaimer: All copyrighted and trademarked content belongs to its rightful and respective owners.Where articles, adventure series, campaigns and fiction use/mention material belonging to other people/persons, unless otherwise specified, I have no permission from the copyright holder and no wish to infringe upon copyright. I will make every effort possible to identify and credit the owner of the copyright.

All original characters, situations, plot-lines and products are my own.

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