Good Grief, It’s Here

Well. Here it is. The not-very-anticipated, long (probably not) awaited second installment of That’s How We Roll.

In which;

–          The Throng are Branded

–          Sandwiches are eaten

–          Doors are found

–          Denizens of the World of Darkness are encountered

–          A table is broken

–          A club is invaded

–          Masked men kidnap Ocean

–          Piggybacks are combined with gunfire

–          Buddy alienates his employer and kills his workmates

–          A Progenitor is met

–          A quest to prevent experiments in Flux is given

–          Buddy asks someone out

Let me know about any criticisms you may have. I know it’s a bit long, but I try to hit all the salient and important points while giving a sense of the fun that can be had around the gaming table.

I’m gonna be posting again at some point soon with my plans for this site, as well as the podcast. So do expect some activity at last.




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