Coming Soon….

So, as promised, here is an update regarding the material to come on Friday and over the next few weeks.

My partner and I have been listening to a lot of roleplaying podcasts/watching a lot of roleplaying videos on YouTube recently, me because I don’t get to RP as much as I would like (although I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing regular weekly game) and my partner because she likes the stories and the players. We started with Acquisitions Incorporated (well worth listening to the podcasts or watching the live shows) and are now on Critical Role (an absolutely fantastic gaming group of voice actors). In between the two, however, we watched Geek and Sundry’s other RPG show: TitansGrave.

GMed by Wil Wheaton, TitansGrave is a science fantasy game that uses the Fantasy AGE system Green Ronin pseudo-introduced in the Dragon Age RPG. After watching the show, and reading the PDF of the rules and setting (a print version of the book should be coming out soon), I was inspired to create my own adventure series for it.

As a fan made production, I am not affiliated in anyway with Green Ronin or Geek and Sundry, which means that, unfortunately, you will need a copy of both rulebooks to play it properly and some of the information in the first few chapters may need you to own the TitansGrave book to allow your players to fully explore Vorakis.

That said, the adventure itself is completely original and of my own design. It currently runs to twelve chapters (or eleven weeks of regular updates with the double post this week) but I may fold chapters into each other or separate them if needed. Once I have released all the chapters here, I plan on releasing either a PDF or an epub of all the chapters combined with additional setting information that I have created. This will all, of course, be free.

With all that mind, come back on Friday for the first two chapters of the adventure. If you know anyone who might be interested in this, please, feel free to spread the word. The more readers I get, the more criticism and feedback I can receive.

I really do hope you enjoy TitansGrave: The Winds of Chaos.

– Bubbles


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