Plot Hooks

This week has been a bit rushed and stressful so there is no TitansGrave. Instead, here is a list of plot hooks to inspire your own games and stories.

Feel free to share around, use, distribute in any way. If you do, please give credit where it is due.



Generic Hooks

As if preparing for the festival weren’t hard enough, a third woman has gone missing this month.

With the arsonist captured, the people should feel safe. Why then, do the children dream of waking up on fire?

Petty theft is nothing new, but how, and why, would someone steal a herd of farm animals?

With the last caravan of the year having already passed through, now is not the time for someone to set the town granary on fire.

New ideas and technology are dangerous. Someone is testing something new nearby.

Fantasy Hooks

Is it dwarves in the abandoned mines under the town, or something else?

When Old Farran threw a shoe last week, no-one thought anything of it. When that shoe was found fused to the mayor’s flesh, everyone knew something was wrong.

Falling into the well was the least of Simon’s worries, he now runs around town talking to people who aren’t there.

A woman has been found murdered on the last three full moons. The next full moon is two days away.

The goblins in the hills have been raiding closer to the town, have they found a leader at last, or is there another reason?

Sci-fi Hooks

The most worrying thing about the recent breakout from the super-max is that only one person had the computer codes and they were publicly visible at the time.

After a network-wide system crash, the tech-heads are hard at work solving the problem. Was it an attack on the network, or merely a diversion?

After the tenth mech in the batch blew up, the brass began questioning whether it was merely bad luck, or sabotage.

Three hours ago, contact with the nuclear power station cut off. Two hours ago, the power to the city went out. One hour ago, the remote access to the cameras was terminated.

The ship that just translated in system is broadcasting an all clear code centuries old but is made from contemporary technology.


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