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Quick Update Re: Hiatus

Hello all,

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. This hiatus will last a little longer while my partner and I finish the work we’re doing on our new house and move in properly.

Until then, enjoy your tabletop gaming.



Plot Hooks 2

More plot hooks this week!

Feel free to share around, use, distribute in any way you please. If you do, please give credit where it is due.




Generic Hooks

It’s not the first time people have reported strangers on the edge of town, but they’ve never described soldiers preparing for war before.

If it weren’t for the drought, the farms would be thriving. What if there was some way to restore the water that the town council was withholding?

It started as a cough, but now some disease is spreading like wild-fire and no-one seems to have a cure.

Last week’s earthquake destroyed a neighbourhood and tensions are rising in the devastated community. It won’t take much for something to happen.

When the characters find a wrecked vehicle, they are unaware that its owner thinks they have stolen something from it.

Fantasy Hooks

The trade road has been closed for three months due to bandits the likes of which no-one has ever seen.

What once was a bustling seaport is now a landlocked city. How and why did this happen overnight?

The tower at the edge of town has recently started fading from existence. Last night, something began to replace it.

The banks in the city have recently started using a new form of currency. There are rumours that it is cursed.

It wasn’t enough for the ritual to be stopped. One of the characters is now host to something that managed to sneak into this plane of existence.

Horror Hooks

There was something different about this last killing. Something…feral.

With the full moon not due for another week, the number of animal attacks in the city has risen.

It begins with violent shivering and is airborne. Autonomic functions slowly shut down until only the desires to eat and reproduce remain.

How did a female convict in an all-female prison conceive? Does it have anything to do with the recent eclipse or the ley line running under the prison?

The barriers between worlds are weakening, more spirits than ever are crossing over. How do the characters protect the parade planned for next week?