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TitansGrave: The Winds of Chaos Chapter Five of Twelve

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Chapter Five – Leaving the Enclave

Having left the Hospital, the PCs are now free to explore the Enclave as they see fit. In order to leave, they must re-activate the power station found somewhere in the darkness before gaining access to the Library and the tunnel within.

Unlike the other chapters, this one leaves a lot open to the GM’s discretion and gives them the ability to insert their own scenes and encounters as desired. The Enclave is full of Undead (using the Walking Dead profile provided in the Fantasy AGE book) and should be used in groups of no more the 2:1. The Enclave is intended to provide atmospheric exploration, not a series of increasingly difficult challenges. The following is intended as a framework to be built upon, any adventure using the Enclave SHOULD include the following scenes in addition to any the GM creates.

Scene One – Exploration

Having left the Hospital, presumably with both the map of the Enclave and the goodwill of the survivors trapped there, the PCs are now in the Vorakis Enclave proper. This part of Vorakis was magically buried during the Chaos Wars as a refuge for the inhabitants of Vorakis and its environs. As such, it is laid out like any other city with the standard buildings and facilities. Due to its age, some of the Enclave has fallen to disrepair and decay, but it is in surprisingly good shape for how long it has lain undisturbed.

This is in part due to a natural, low level magical field that any mage can detect with a successful TN 11 Intelligence (Arcana) test. This field acts similarly to the restorative magic within the hospital and, unknown to the PCs, is slowly reversing the curse that befell the Enclave.

Being as undisturbed as it is, the Enclave is almost silent. Despite the advanced technology, hailing as it does from the Chaos Wars, the Enclave has remained a ghost town for one very good reason: a Curse of Undeath. Placed upon the Enclave by the Prophet herself, the curse slowly corrupts the living (including the PCs) until they become an extension of the Prophet’s will. Any PC who falls to 2 or less health automatically gains the Touched by Chaos condition. Any PC with this condition gains the Corrupted condition. This field also provides a low level of illumination.

The inhabitants of the Enclave, as was explained to the PCs in the previous chapter, are all Undead (with the exception of those in the Hospital) and start off in a trance-like state, reacting only to nearby sound and movement. Any attempt to move past an Undead member of the Enclave requires a successful TN 11 Dexterity (Stealth) test. In order to simplify matters, if the GM wishes, the group should periodically make Stealth tests. If the number of success is greater than the number of failures, all is good. If the number of failures is greater than the number of successes, a group of Undead is alerted to the presence of the PCs.

Exploring the Enclave is a tense, atmospheric process, but without doing so, the PCs will be unable to find their way to the power station. Obstacles in their way could include; collapsed buildings, flooded areas, wild animals or blocked/ruined pathways.

Regardless of how they get there, when the PCs arrive at the power station, read the following aloud:

You can hear the rushing water before you see it. Something has kept the Undead out of this area of the Enclave and you make swift progress, rounding the last corner before you know it. In front of you is a wide river, the water swift and dark. The luminescence that shines from the air around you reveals the pilings of a long rotted bridge sunk into the bank ahead of you and five yards away, in the middle of the underground river, is a squat building.

The map tells you that you have reached the power station, its water wheel pulled from the river and its windows dark.

 Any PCs searching the bank near the rotted bridge can find a rusty chain with a successful TN 13 Perception (Seeing) test. Pulling on this chain (for long enough) reveals a small ferry, big enough for five people. The ferry itself is attached to both banks with a chain but is moved with oars that have stood the test of time.

Should the PCs devise another way of crossing the river, reward creativity and plausible plans.

Scene Two – Exploration

Read the following:

Upon arriving on the island, you are confronted immediately with the old remains of an extremely large funeral pyre. Blackened, skeletal body parts lie scattered around the edge of it. Further up the bank, towards the big main door of the power station, is a skeleton of gigantic proportions. Whilst ostensibly that of a man, its bones are far longer and thicker than a normal man’s, almost as if something had magically changed them at some point.

Opening the door of the power station reveals a cold, dark tunnel leading further into the silent complex.

 Exploring the island around the power station reveals nothing further of note. The water wheel has been lifted from the water by some unknown piece of technology. Curiously, there is no evidence of Undead on the island. The skeleton itself, if searched, has a handful of coins scattered about its bones, as well as a ring on a necklace and a jewelled pocket-watch monogrammed with the initials ‘J.R.’

Upon entering the power station, the PCs should be informed that the air is still and dry, and that a thick layer of dust covers every surface. The rooms and contents within are left to the GM’s discretion, however any adversaries that the PCs encounter cannot be Undead (the giant man killed all of them before burning their bodies) and must be able to cross the river somehow. As before, this building is intended to create an atmosphere of tension whilst it is explored.

When the PCs have explored to their satisfaction, they stumble across the main control room. This room has been partially converted into a bedsit, with a bed and basic cooking equipment (all of it oversized) crammed against one wall. The main console seems to be in working order, with the exception of the chair which is a buckled mess of metal on the floor. The console is covered with dials, lights and levers, one of which is labelled ‘Wheel Control’. Also of note on the console is a large, leather-bound book with the initials ‘J.R.’ crudely gouged into the cover (see Handout Two).

Moving the ‘Wheel Control’ lever into its opposite position returns power to the power station, as well as the rest of the Enclave.

Restarting the power station has a series of unintended side effects. The first the PCs will know if they read the journal in the main control room. The lights and sounds of the machinery found throughout the city agitate the Undead, meaning all Stealth tests are now at TN 15.

The second is that the low level magical field permeating everything received an extremely powerful boost. Any time a 4 or 5 point stunt is rolled (i.e. when a double is rolled with a ‘4’ or ‘5’ on the Stunt die), a wave of energy cascades outwards from the PCs. This energy has the potential to lift the Curse of Undeath. When a third stunt of these point values is created, or when a Legendary stunt is rolled (by rolling triple ‘6’), a pulse of energy passes through the Enclave, breaking the Curse. A successful TN 13 Intelligence (Arcana required) test is needed to work out what happened. From the moment the Curse is broken, it takes either another three 4 or 5 point stunts to be rolled, another Legendary stunt to be rolled, or a week of in-game time before the effects of the Curse wear off. These effects include the conditions that it inflicted upon the players (players Touched by Chaos before entering the Enclave retain this condition and players with the Corrupted condition become Touched by Chaos). The PCs must remain in the Enclave for these parameters to apply to them, i.e. these conditions will not clear outside of the Enclave. Returning to the hospital clears any conditions gained during their exploration of the Enclave. In addition to this, the magical field produces a level of illumination comparable to daylight that fluctuates in an artificial day/night cycle.

The third side effect is that the PCs are now able to explore anywhere they wish within the city. The restarted power station has overridden all of the still functioning locks.

If they pass by the hospital, Methris can be found just outside the doors. He will try to return the PCs’ batteries to them, no longer needing them to power the Hospital’s generator.

Scene Three – Exploration, Combat (Optional)

The PCs should now make their way to the Library in the centre of the Enclave. Even without the map given to them by Methris in the previous chapter, the Library is not difficult to find. An imposing building situated on a spire of rock in the centre on the Enclave, it can be seen from a lot of the city now that the lights are back on.

Making their way through the city should be harder this time in accordance with the agitated Undead as described above, this makes combat likelier than it was before. As stated previously, the maximum ratio of Undead to PCs should be no greater than 2:1 but if the GM wishes, now the Undead are ‘awake’ a maximum of x-2 Undead can enter combat after every other round (where x = the number of PCs). GMs are welcome to insert their own scenes and encounters into this scene as well.

The Library itself is a solidly built building with imposing metal doors and secured shutters over every window. Gaining access to the Library is easy, the security system protecting it will open the door for any living person that attempts entry and will react with lethal force at the approach of any Undead, as evidenced by a ring of bodies scattered along the edge of the security system’s range.

In this case, attempting entry includes attempting to pick the lock on any of the shutters (causing a metallic voice to order all persons attempting entry to report to the main entrance) or pressing the intercom button next to the main, or rear, entrance. Doing either results in the door unlocking and opening before the PCs.

Upon setting foot in the Library, the PCs are directed to the atrium by a series of flashing lights set into the floor. The PCs are welcome to follow the flashing lights or explore the Library.

The Library is a repository for countless books, pieces of technology (a few of which are still functional and available for the PCs to use with profiles determined by the GM) and art, as well as having a small panic room filled with a collection of spell books (capable of granting one PC the novice rank in any Arcana talent) as well as a selection of magically preserved food and drink. There are also several small valuable items throughout the Library that can be sold at a later date.

Following the lights to the atrium leads the PCs into a large, open room with a single feature. In the exact centre of the room is a withered tree, passing a successful TN 11 Perception (Seeing) test reveals a collection of new buds growing from several of the branches. The tree covers the exit tunnel, but there are a variety of methods the PCs can use to open the tunnel.

The first is simply to ask. Mentioning the tunnel aloud at any point in the Library prompts the security system to ask if the PCs want it to open the emergency exit for them, if they answer ‘yes’ it will announce that the atrium exit has been opened.

The second is to restore life to the tree through the use of the regrowth spell from the Wood Arcana talent. This causes the tree to bloom and its roots to shift around its base and reveal a hole in the floor. This may also occur through watering the tree and using any spell from the Healing Arcana talent.

The third is to destroy the tree. Upon its destruction, the tree is consumed with a magical fire revealing the hole in the ground.

As ever, reward player creativity for their solutions to this puzzle. As long their plans could feasibly restore life to the tree or cause the tunnel to open in another manner, let them progress.

However the PCs solve this puzzle, the end result is the same. A hole appears in the floor, leading to a set of wide, well maintained stairs that plunge into the earth. This tunnel is unlit.

Entering the tunnel counts as leaving the Enclave for the purposes of clearing the Touched by Chaos and Corrupted conditions.


Handout Two:

Found on the main console of the power station:

The pain has ended at last, I pray to the gods that it was worth it. As far as I know, I am the last one alive in the Enclave, with the exception of the Hospital. My enhanced strength and size has proved more than up to the task of clearing the infestation from the island, hopefully when I have finished my task here, I will be able to make progress in the city and help the poor souls trapped in the Hospital.

 The next few entries are degraded badly and illegible.

 The bite has become infected. I fear I am not long for this world. I’ve retreated to my base in the power station and have resolved to help the best way I can. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed the Undead enter a trance-like state during the night and become agitated during the day. In theory, I should be able to channel some power to the Hospital to keep it running for a while but turn off the power to the rest of the Enclave, forcing the place into a perpetual night.

These are the last words of Joshua Ramis.

I have altered the systems of the power station to link up with the water wheel, lowering it will restore full power to the city and enhance the magic we found down here. There should be enough power in the capacitors to keep the Hospital running for a few hundred years, long enough for help to come.

If you find this and I am gone, thank you for bringing hope to the Vorakis Enclave. We have been lost for so long.”

Any feedback is gratefully appreciated.

– Bubbles


TitansGrave: The Winds of Chaos – Chapter Four of Twelve

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TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana and its associated logo is a trademark of Geek and Sundry.

This is a fan-made product and not intended to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. I am not planning to make money off this product. If there is any problem with any part of this product or any missing information from this crediting section, I will update accordingly.

That said, all content not owned by Green Ronin or Geek and Sundry is owned by me. Feel free to distribute and share all you like, but please give credit where it is due.

Chapter Four – The Hospital

Last chapter saw the PCs encounter the Broken Gear gang and take care of one of the gang’s cells in Vorakis, as well as recover an item of unknown power that was stolen from Dek’s shop. It ended with the PCs entering a passage that opened at the back of a storeroom.

This chapter is concerned primarily with allowing the PCs to explore a building from the time of the Chaos Wars as well as set the stage for the ruined city they will soon be exploring. The hospital itself, as the players will discover, is the only powered building left from the Vorakis Enclave and the situation within has recently become dire. With the PCs help, the last remaining survivors, bound to the building until the spells lining its walls are broken, will restore power to the ailing facility.

Scene One – Exploration

The passage way that the PCs find themselves in is carved from solid rock and leads on into darkness as far as they can see. As soon as they start walking, magical sigils begin to glow in the rock around them, providing enough illumination to see by but no more. The light travels with them, the sigils fading as the PCs pass.

After an appropriate amount of time has passed, the PCs encounter a smooth metal door. It opens at their approach and the rock tunnel becomes the smooth white of painted walls. Although they currently don’t know it, they have found their way into a hospital in the ruins of the Vorakis Enclave, a part of the city that was hidden during the Chaos Wars in an attempt to preserve as much life and culture as possible.

When the PCs enter the building proper, read the following:

The cool air of the tunnel disappears as the door slides shut behind you. Those that turn notice only a featureless blank wall stretching off into the distance on either side. The air itself in this place seems to provide the illumination, faintly seen sigils, floating like dust motes, glow ethereally, disturbed only by your passing.

Around you, all is silent. The air is still, the doors all along what you now see to be a corridor are closed and you desperately want to say something, anything, to break this tomb-like silence. You have no idea how long these plain white walls have stood and guarded whatever lies ahead of you, but you know instinctively that this place is old, far older that its condition would suggest.

 Should any of the players be missing health, they begin healing at a rate of one hit-point every five (in-game) minutes or are healed to full health whenever you, as the GM, feel it is narratively appropriate.

Any mages with Healing Arcana automatically know that the air in this building is saturated with sigils and glyphs related to healing magic. Any character may make a TN 13 Intelligence (Arcane Lore/Healing) test to discover this fact. In both cases, it should be explained that this kind of magic is extremely rare, requiring several very powerful mages to cast, and is not known to be practiced any more.

Investigating any of the doors reveals the following scene:

The door opens smoothly at your touch, swinging silently inwards. A slight breeze brushes your face in the wake of the movement, and then all is still.

It takes a few moments for the magic in the room notice your presence but a soft glow gradually fills the air. At first you can make out only dim shapes in the darkness, the light from the corridor behind you spilling faintly into the room, but as the magic strengthens, you realise what you are seeing.

The room contains twelve beds, six along each wall adjacent to you with a series of numbered lockers along the wall facing you. Upon each bed rests a person, their features calm and relaxed. As you watch, their chests rise and fall slightly and their eyes flicker rapidly beneath closed lids.

 Should any of the PCs try to wake the people sleeping in this room, they remain unresponsive. A TN 13 Intelligence (Healing/Arcana (Healing)) test will reveal the patients to be in a coma-like state induced by the magic that fills the air.

The lockers along the wall are filled with the patients’ property and the exact contents are left to the GM’s discretion.

With the exception of a few storage closets (the contents of which are also left to the GM’s discretion), all the rooms on this floor contain scenes similar to that described above. After an appropriate amount of time has passed, the PCs find a stairwell with a map of the building pinned to the wall. From now on, they should be allowed to travel wherever they wish in the building.

GM’s are encouraged to create rooms and scenes which highlight the eerie atmosphere of being in a seemingly deserted hospital, as well as ramping up the tension for the next chapter. They should also make it clear that someone, seemingly recently, has been through this hospital and cleaned everything, including making patchwork repairs where necessary.

Scene Two – Social, Exploration (optional)

When the players indicate that they have explored as much as they wish and head to the main entrance of the hospital, they pass a door behind which they can hear someone crying softly. Upon investigation, read the following:

The door opens silently, as have all the doors in the building, revealing an already lit room. Within are the now expected twelve beds, the twelve storage lockers and something new. Hunched over one of the beds, seated on a stool, is a pale elven woman.

Her shoulders shake as she sobs to herself and she doesn’t appear to have noticed your approach.

 Approaching the woman without her noticing requires a TN 15 Dexterity (Stealth) test. Anyone succeeding on this test hears her say: ‘I’m sorry, Allie. We had to. We had to put you to sleep so Methris and I could keep watch. I’m so sorry.’

Failures on this test, or PCs who hang back and announce themselves, cause her to jump visibly and turn around. When her initial shock wears off, she stands and introduces herself as Nytera Rosethorn, as well as asking if the PCs are agents of the Mountain Guard. When she stands, the players can see that she is wearing a very clean, ornate white coat embroidered with magical sigils. During any conversation they hold with her, Nytera will answer questions as honestly as she can, sometimes repeating the same things over and over in different ways, quite clearly excited at having someone to talk to.

She will tell the PCs the following facts over the course of any conversation they have with her if the topic has a bearing on the conversation:

  • The only people left alive and awake in the building are her and Methris Glimmerfist. She was the head of the Healers in the building and Methris was the chief engineer.
  • They used to receive supplies from the Mountain Guard (using some sort of thaumaturgical mechanism to airdrop food, water and batteries among other things into an open window on the third floor) but these supplies stopped coming three weeks ago and they are about to run out.
  • She knows little of the Mountain Guard, save that their scouts found the Enclave and the hospital as their supplies were about to run out and after they had enchanted most of the survivors in the building. They reached an agreement where, in return for healing and advice, the Mountain Guard would send supplies to the two remaining people in the hospital. While she doesn’t know how long it has been since the Mountain Guard scouts found them, she suspects it has been centuries.
  • She explains that the magic in the air is focussed on healing and preservation and was created to keep as many people alive as possible in the Enclave. When people fell mortally ill, or suffered great injuries in the Chaos Wars, they were sent here to recuperate. Unfortunately, the Enclave was besieged by the forces of the Prophet and by the time the Wars ended, the people could no longer be awoken by the magic or technology of the time. They have slumbered since. It is the magic that has kept everyone in the building alive.
  • She will explain that the Enclave was created as a safe haven for the local population, an entire portion of Vorakis was built underground and intended to act as a bunker/safehouse during the Chaos Wars. It was intended to preserve the lives of those within as well as pre-Chaos Wars culture and technology.
  • There used to be more than just two people awake in the hospital, but shortly before the Mountain Guard found them, they had to commit everyone else to the unending sleep to conserve supplies.
  • The hospital itself remains besieged, the Prophet unleashed a curse of Undeath upon the Enclave. The curse remains and the city outside the walls of the hospital is full of the undead. They are dormant and can be observed through the hospital’s windows, but will be attracted to noise and movement.
  • Methris went to check on the generator that powers the magic in the air, as well as the building itself, a few days ago and has not returned. She admits that this is unlike him and has become increasingly worried, unable to leave her charges and daily rounds of the hospital.
  • She will admit (honestly) that she was unaware of the passage they used to gain entry into the building, saying that she has forgotten most of the emergency exits from the building. She will explain that if the PCs can make it to the Library in the middle of the Enclave, there is a tunnel there that will lead them into the Broken Spires which they can use to escape and, hopefully, return to Vorakis and Dek.
  • She says that she will give them a key to the hospital’s main doors if they find Methris. She suggests checking the generator room and provides directions.

Following the directions will lead them directly to the generator room where the PCs can find the dwarf, Methris Glimmerfist. When the PCs reach the generator room, read the following:

The door into the generator room is made of solid metal, at least three inches thick, and hangs partially ajar. From beyond, you can hear a quiet, constant muttering punctuated every now and then by a loud clang.

Opening the door reveals a wild-haired dwarf pacing backwards and forwards, slamming a wrench against solid metal panel when his route brings him near it. As he strikes the panel, he glares at an open aperture on the side of a squat metal box.

At your approach, he stares in amazement, the wrench dropping from suddenly nerveless fingers.

 Methris, much like Nytera, is happy to have someone to talk to and starts speaking immediately. His words rush out in a torrent and he explains that he saw them outside the passage through an external, magical sensor but had no idea that he had managed to open the door that let them in. He says (honestly) that he tried, but was unsure if that part of the building was still powered and was not surprised when the console he used to open the passage began to emit clouds of smoke as a quiet popping noise came from within it.

The source of his frustration is the metal box he was glaring at. He explains (without letting the PCs get a word in edgewise) that he managed to cobble a device together that is ten times more efficient than their current generator and should strengthen the magic in the air, letting the people in the hospital be awoken when the time is right.

As his initial babble of words wears off, he introduces himself and then points at the open aperture, explaining that all he needs to complete the device is five batteries. He then swears loudly and points to a nearby locker in which stand four batteries, before explaining that those are the last of the supplies sent by the Mountain Guard and they’re needed to keep the generator running when the current batteries run out of power sometime in the next week.

Should the PCs engage him in conversation, he knows little more about any of the topics raised by Nytera but is happy to talk nonetheless, learning eagerly of how the world has changed in his absence.

Should the PCs NOT offer him the use of one or more of their batteries, he will offer them a map of the city in exchange for any batteries they can scavenge from buildings near to the hospital. These buildings are left to the GM’s discretion but should be in a state of extreme decay and disrepair. They may also be host to several zombies and environmental problems as described in the next chapter. Should they offer him enough batteries, he will give them this map.

Upon being provided with the batteries, he activates the machine, sending a magical pulse through the air, and bids the PCs follow him back to Nytera. There, they are offered a small meal and a chance to rest, before they are sent out into the city to look for the Library.

As they leave, Methris informs them the Enclave itself remains unpowered and the Library is fully locked down. They will need to restore power to gain access to the Library and leave the Enclave.

Read Chapter Five here.

Any feedback is gratefully appreciated.

– Bubbles

TitansGrave: The Winds of Chaos – Chapter Three of Twelve

Fantasy AGE, TitansGrave, TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana Adventure Series and all associated logos are trademarks of Green Ronin Publishling LLC.

TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana and its associated logo is a trademark of Geek and Sundry.

This is a fan-made product and not intended to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. I am not planning to make money off this product. If there is any problem with any part of this product or any missing information from this crediting section, I will update accordingly.

That said, all content not owned by Green Ronin or Geek and Sundry is owned by me. Feel free to distribute and share all you like, but please give credit where it is due.

Chapter Three – The Broken Gear Safe-house

The last chapter should have ended with the PCs spotting, or being guided towards, a small figure fleeing from Dek’s shop and heading further into the city. The gang member has stolen an ancient magical item and is making his way towards a safe-house as quickly as he can. The following chase always ends at the safe-house, it is the winner of the chase that determines the difficulty of the rest of the chapter.

Once the PCs have entered the safe-house, they are in a hostile environment that is trapped and host to NPCs that will attack them on sight. The chapter ends with the PCs fleeing an approaching cyborg security force into a mysterious passage.

Scene One – Combat

The opening scene of this chapter is a foot chase through the city as the PCs follow a fleeing member of the Broken Gear gang. In game terms, after all characters have rolled initiative this scene acts as a TN 13 Constitution (Running)/Dexterity (Acrobatics) advanced test with a success threshold PER CHARACTER of 20.

Should the gang member (using the profile found in the ‘NPC Profiles’ section below) reach this threshold first, they are free and clear. The player characters see the gang member closing the front door of a ramshackle building on the outskirts of Vorakis a few yards ahead of them. In this case, the item the gang member has stolen is found at the end of the chapter, where indicated, and the gang is considered On Alert.

Should one or more of the PCs reach this threshold first, they catch the fleeing gang member as they reach the door of the building. If this is the case, the gang member will ask for mercy and tell the PCs anything they want to know as well as surrendering the item they stole from Dek’s shop.

The building is a Broken Gear safe-house and the gang headquarters for this district. The gang member was told to retrieve an item and get it back to this building as soon as possible so the gang could pass it on to their client.

The item itself is a large pendant covered in arcane glyphs and sigils that is obviously missing a large crystal in its centre. PCs are welcome to attempt to identify what it is but the most they can determine is that it has something to do with ‘control’, this requires a successful TN 11 Intelligence (Arcane Lore required).

The Chase

The gang member will flee on their turn in the initiative order. They have access to the following Stunts.

SP Cost Stunt
1 VAULT: Gain +1 towards the Success Threshold. Can only be taken once per turn.
3 SPRINT: Gain +2 towards the Success Threshold. Can only be taken once per turn.
2 or 3 OBSTACLE: Lose 1 Success or 2 Successes from the Success Threshold and create a -1 or -2 modifier for the PCs that lasts until the start of your next turn.
6 CYBORG PATROL: A cyborg patrol appears in front of the PCs. They must individually sacrifice a success or suffer a -3 penalty to their next roll.

Players may do anything they wish on their turn. The gang member benefits from +2 Defence for the duration of this scene as they continue to run and may only be attacked once per turn. Should the players manage to reduce the gang member to 0 health, they fall in front of the Broken Gear safe-house with a note on their body containing their orders as described above. In addition to this, every turn the player attacks without giving chase, the gang member has a Defence increase/decrease equal to the difference in the Success Threshold of the gang member vs. the attacking player.

Should a PC give chase, they have access to the following Stunts:

SP Cost Stunt
1 VAULT: Gain +1 towards the Success Threshold. Can only be taken once per turn.
3 SPRINT: Gain +2 towards the Success Threshold. Can only be taken once per turn.
2 or 3 OBSTACLE: Lose 1 Success or 2 Successes from the Success Threshold and create a -1 or -2 modifier for the gang member that lasts until the start of your next turn.

Scene Two – Exploration, Combat (optional)

The front door of the safe-house opens into a long hallway, the only visible exit a staircase at the far end. The floor is a series of hexagonal tiles covered a light layer of dust, each one inlaid with the Broken Gear symbol of the gang.

Succeeding on a TN 15 Perception (Seeing) test will reveal that some effort has been made to sweep the tiles clear of dust. Succeeding on another TN 13 Perception (Seeing) test will reveal that each inlaid gear (with the exception of one tile as described below) has a single broken tooth out of the six that adorn them. This is the key to making it across the floor without triggering the trap. Each broken tooth points to an adjoining hexagonal tile.

If you want to make this map yourself, the floor is comprised of nine rows of hexagonal tiles, with five tiles to a row. Each tile, as expected, is connected to six other tiles (with the exception of those on the first and last rows) and the broken teeth on the gears point towards the correct tile to step on. A third successful TN 13 Perception (Seeing) test will reveal that the gear inlaid into one tile in the first row is surrounded by has all but one tooth broken. This is the first tile in the sequence, the single tooth points towards the correct tile to stand on.

If a PC steps on any tile other than the one indicated by a broken gear tooth, they trigger a bell that can be heard throughout the building and the gang members are considered On Alert.

Crossing the floor reveals that the staircase is, indeed, the only exit from this hallway. The stairs themselves are in good repair and lead into a large open plan room that takes up most of the top floor of the building. This room is a combined kitchen/leisure area and has several storage lockers along one wall. These lockers are unlocked and are full of tinned food and bottled drinks.

The opposite wall to the storage lockers has a single door in it as does the wall opposite the entrance. Succeeding on a TN 11 Dexterity (Stealth) test allows the PCs to cross the room silently towards either of these doors, two failures (one failure by two PCs) grants the gang members the On Alert condition.

The door opposite the storage lockers is unlocked and leads into a barracks of sorts. Succeeding on a TN 11 Perception (Hearing) test allows a PC to hear the sounds of slow, muffled breathing coming through this door if the gang members are not considered On Alert. If they are, no sounds can be heard through the door.

Opening the door reveals a series of bunk beds and foot lockers. If the gang members are not On Alert, there are six gang members asleep in this room. If the players choose to attack a sleeping gang member with anything other than a mêlée weapon, or a silent spell, have them roll initiative with the gang members being surprised for the first round of combat. Mêlée attacks, and silent spells, hit automatically and kill the target in one hit.

Ranged weapons hit and kill automatically but trigger combat as described above. Note, players may opt to merely lock the door with a successful TN 11 Dexterity (Lock Picking required) test. If they come up with an alternate method for closing the door (which opens into the barracks), reward them for their creativity.

If the gang members are On Alert, this room is empty of gang members. The footlockers contain various personal items of little value (although you are welcome to embellish what is within them and tailor their contents to your campaign) but among them are 15 gold pieces, one blaster, five Fulgin M batteries and a set of Scout Armour.

The other door leads to another staircase, this one leading down.

Scene Three – Combat

The stairs lead down into a large room with tables and chairs scattered all over. A large board on one wall has a floor plan of what the PCs may recognise as Dek’s shop pinned onto it. Several doors are circled and a map next to it shows what seems to be a variety of escape routes through the city. Opposite this board is a curtained off area, currently dark, and between the two (opposite the staircase) is a wooden door next to a weapon rack.

This is a planning/briefing room and, if the gang members are On Alert, is where the six gang members from the barracks are waiting, along with a taller man wielding a two-handed sword. If the gang members are not On Alert, the room is empty save for the tall man (in actuality, a half-orc) who is bent over a large table studying a detailed map of some sort of maze. His sword is in a weapon rack next to the only visible door leading out of this room. When combat begins, he will spend his first action crossing the room to arm himself.

Any player who succeeds on two TN 15 Dexterity (Stealth) tests may sneak around the edges of the room (if the gang is not On Alert) and steal this sword. Succeeding on this also allows them to attack the half-orc once before combat begins.

The combat itself functions as a normal fight, using the appropriate profiles found in the ‘NPC Profiles’ section. The cluttered state of the room means all characters move at half their speed, but provides limited cover. If a character ducks behind a desk, they gain a +2 bonus to their Defence against ranged attacks, as well as +2 Armour against all attacks, until they stand up. It costs a Minor Action to duck in this manner, but standing is treated as a Free Action.

The half-orc’s sword is a power weapon (included in the profile below) that can run for two minutes (eight rounds of combat) before its battery runs out. After this, it is treated as a normal two-handed sword until the half-orc spends a Minor Action to replace the battery, giving it another forty rounds of power.

Once the combat has been resolved, the players are now free to explore this room. If the half-orc’s body is examined after death, he has two Fulgin M batteries upon him, as well as his power sword and a light blaster pistol.

The curtained off area, if explored, is revealed to be a small office with a desk, a chair and a hand-held communicator. The desk has two drawers in it, one of which holds three Fulgin M batteries and the other contains a note (see Handout One), as well as the item stolen from Dek’s shop.

The door opposite the stairs leads into a small storage area containing boxes of food and supplies.

When the PCs leave this storage room, they hear a quiet grinding sound as the back wall slides to one side and reveals a darkened tunnel leading down into the earth.

When a PC leaves this room, read the following:

As your foot crosses the threshold into the main room, two things happen. The first is that a quiet click and grinding sound comes from behind you. You turn to look and see a section of the wall has disappeared, to be replaced with a dimly lit tunnel leading downwards.

As you turn, the second thing reminds you of the vicious justice you saw meted out earlier in the day. A chorus of mechanical voices rings out loud and clear.

“This is the Vorakis Security Force. Please remain calm and await pacification.”

As the harsh tones fade away there is a loud thump and a crack appears in the far wall of the room, the room you guess to lead to the street. There is another thump and the crack widens, dust spilling into the room.

NPC Profiles

Broken Gear Gang Members
Abilities (Focuses)
2 Accuracy (Blaster Pistols)
0 Communication
1 Constitution
2 Dexterity
2 Fighting
0 Intelligence
1 Perception (Seeing)
1 Strength
1 Willpower
Speed Health Defence Armour Rating
12     / 15 12 3
Weapon Attack Roll Damage Range
Light Blaster Pistol +4 1d6+3 10/20
Dagger +2 1d6+2
Favoured Stunts: Knock Prone, Lightning Attack

Talents: Armour Training (Novice)

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Light Blades, and Blaster Pistols

Equipment: Light blaster pistol, light leather armour, dagger

Gang Members
Vartak Half-Ear
Abilities (Focuses)
2 Accuracy
0 Communication
1 Constitution
2 Dexterity
3 Fighting (Heavy Blades)
0 Intelligence
1 Perception (Seeing)
3 Strength
1 Willpower
Speed Health Defence Armour Rating
12     / 20 12 3
Weapon Attack Roll Damage Range
Light Blaster Pistol +2 1d6+3 10/20
Two-handed Sword (powered) +5 3d6+5
Two-handed Sword (unpowered) +5 3d6+3
Favoured Stunts: Knock Prone, Mighty Blow

Talents: Armour Training (Novice)

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Heavy Blades, and Blaster Pistols

Equipment: Light blaster pistol, light leather armour, two-handed power sword



Handout One:

Found in a folder labelled ‘Kertin’.


As per our usual arrangement, I have an item of interest I wish you to obtain. The amulet can be found in Dek Steelhand’s shop in the Grime. The attached picture contains all the information you need about how the item looks.

Payment will be through the usual channels.


Read Chapter Four here.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

– Bubbles


TitansGrave: The Winds of Chaos – Chapter Two of Twelve

Fantasy AGE, TitansGrave, TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana Adventure Series and all associated logos are trademarks of Green Ronin Publishling LLC.

TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana and its associated logo is a trademark of Geek and Sundry.

This is a fan-made product and not intended to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. I am not planning to make money off this product. If there is any problem with any part of this product or any missing information from this crediting section, I will update accordingly.

That said, all content not owned by Green Ronin or Geek and Sundry is owned by me. Feel free to distribute and share all you like, but please give credit where it is due.

Chapter Two – Dek’s Shop

If your players have not completed The Ashes of Valkana, this should be the first part of the adventure that they experience. For those GMs who have read the first chapter for background information, don’t worry about the Touched by Chaos condition. PCs will have the opportunity to gain it in a later chapter of this adventure.

Because of this, where PCs who have completed The Ashes of Valkana experience something different to those who haven’t, I have endeavoured to create similar experiences throughout the rest of this adventure. The differences themselves are minor and shouldn’t cause any issues when playing through The Winds of Chaos.

Scene One – Roleplaying

If your players have completed the previous chapter, read the following aloud:

The teleportation portal shivers and quakes as you step through it, maddening whispers brush against your mind momentarily as the magic wraps itself around you, complete darkness enveloping your senses.

If your players have NOT completed the previous chapter because they have not completed The Ashes of Valkana, or had already left the Tomb of the Prophet, read the following aloud instead:

Today started like any other day, the sun rose, the birds sang and you awoke after a pleasant dream to the smell of wet grass and cooking. You felt in no particular hurry as you washed and dressed. It was only as you began to make your way to breakfast that the whispers began brushing your mind and the world went white.

 After reading either of the two passages above aloud, read the following to begin the scene proper:

When your vision clears, the ringing aftereffect of the magic fading from your ears, you are confronted with the rugged face of an extremely surprised dwarf. One hand, seemingly made of some matte-black metal, holds a gem firmly in place whilst the other squeezes some adhesive from a small tube around the edges of the lustrous jewel.

 The teleportation pad the players have landed on is at the back of a cluttered shop, surrounded by archaic technology in varying degrees of repair. The dwarf, who the players can now see has been trying to repair the teleportation pad, steps back when he has sealed the gem in place and introduces himself as Dek Steelhand and welcomes them to his establishment.

If pressed, Dek will explain that he runs a mercantile goods store in Vorakis, buying and selling trade goods, foods and relics from the Chaos Wars. The PCs were somehow teleported to his shop as he finished fixing the teleportation pad. If pressed, he will admit that he is a mage (he lost his hand in a magical experiment) and that he has conducted some study into the Chaos Wars (he is a former Mountain Guard and roamed the Broken Spires as mercenary and treasure hunter), but will not go into further detail (i.e. he will not reveal the information in the brackets).

He is wholly apologetic to the PCs and vows to fix the teleportation pad to send them wherever they want to go, pointing out that the gem that allows the pad to function fully is still in his storeroom. He estimates that it will take the rest of the day to fix the pad and that the PCs should enjoy the city whilst it is a ‘Lady Day’. As he mentions this, he inclines his head towards the bust of beautiful woman standing next to his table at the front of the shop. He will explain more about this (relaying the information found in The Ashes of Valkana regarding the city of Vorakis).

Should the PCs wish, he is willing to answer any more questions they may have but seems urgent to continue with his task. He is genuinely upset about what happened and wants to put it right, as such he will not sell the PCs anything, preferring instead to tinker with the teleportation pad whilst he talks with them.

Scene Two – Exploration, Roleplaying

The PCs should now be encouraged to explore Vorakis. Allow them the freedom to go where they want to and to name the shops and attractions they wish to see. Should they go shopping for supplies, the store keepers are happy, welcoming and willing to haggle down to 50% of the price for any items.

Any citizens they meet on the street are also welcoming and friendly, any rumours and gossip the PCs manage to overhear are about how it’s nice to have a tenth consecutive Lady Day considering the turbulence of the last few months.

Draw the players’ attention every now and then to the cyborgs that patrol the city. These mechanically augmented men and women stride through the crowds, their faces relaxed, obviously watching out for trouble but in a non-threatening manner. Should the PCs talk with one, it is happy to answer any questions they may have about the city, its people and its attractions. Each cyborg has a glowing blue light on its chest plate.

In their exploration of the city, the players should see the many statues of a beautiful woman erected in prominent places. Unless they succeed on a TN 15 Communication (Investigation/Persuasion/Seduction) check, all the PCs can find out is that it is good thing the statues are of ‘the Lady’. Succeeding on this check reveals the information that the statues sometimes show ‘the Lord’ and that the city isn’t anywhere near as pleasant when they do.

By the end of the morning, the PCs should be relaxed and enjoying the almost carnival atmosphere of Vorakis.

When each player has had a chance to name a shop or attraction that the PCs visit and these events have been role-played to their natural conclusion, read the following:

You’ve just sat down for lunch when you notice the fight occurring across the street. Two vendors are arguing over the limits of their stall on the crowded pavement and it looks like it is about to come to blows.

As one of them pulls his arm back, his fist clenched, a cyborg appears as if by magic and interposes itself. From your position, you can hear it reasoning with the two men, calming the situation down and getting them to agree to concessions.

As you are watching this, a horn blares out over the city. One of the nearby statues of the Lady shivers and shifts, the visage of a stern-faced man replacing the serene woman. The blue light on the cyborg’s chest-plate turns red and it turns to the florist on its left. The man, shouting loudly moments before as he argued with the pan merchant over the terms of their new agreement, goes pale and begins to back away.

Without warning, the cyborg reaches forward and picks him up by the neck, slamming him into the ground. The pan merchant runs, abandoning her wares, and disappears into the crowd. One of the cyborg’s fingers begins to spin and a probe emerges from the tip, the tell-tale arc of electricity dancing from it. The florist’s body spasms violently as the cyborg electrocutes him and then walks off, the unconscious man over its shoulder.

 The PCs are now free to explore the city further. Again, each player is encouraged to name a shop/attraction that the PCs visit and all social encounters are role-played to their conclusion.

This time, however, shopkeepers are subdued, unwilling to haggle and will try to get the PCs out of their shops as soon as possible. This isn’t prejudice against strangers, the shopkeepers are treating the citizens of Vorakis in an identical manner. The citizens themselves are the same, any conversations the PCs may wish to have with them are rushed, quiet and end with a warning to stay out of trouble.

Succeeding on a TN 15 Communication (Investigation/Persuasion/Seduction) check will reveal to the players that now the Lord is in charge, the cyborgs will respond violently to any minor infraction or perceived troublemaking. The citizens will tell the PCs no more about the Lord and Lady than they already have. Should the PCs talk to a cyborg, its voice is now more mechanical sounding and it will repeatedly tell them to move on and be about their business, ignoring any questions they may ask of it.

After each player has had a chance to name somewhere for the PCs to go, they should be allowed to return to Dek’s shop.

When they return to Dek’s shop, it is surprisingly busy. Should they ask about this, Dek explains that he is rarely troubled by the cyborgs, succeeding on a TN 13 Perception (Seeing) check allows the PCs to notice Dek’s eyes flicker to a large crystal set into a metal plate covered in arcane sigils that hangs above the door. A successful TN 11 Intelligence (Arcane Lore required) check will allow a PC to realise that it is a magical array designed to deflect attention and is extremely old.

Dek offers the PCs refreshments after they have asked all they wish of him and will prepare drinks and food in a small attached kitchen before returning to his work. Shortly before he reaches the teleportation pad, two vials of bright orange liquid smash through the front window and break over several items. In the time it takes the PCs to notice this, the liquid catches fire and Dek’s shop begins to burn.

Scene Three – Combat

As Dek’s shop begins to burn and more and more of his wares go up in flames, two things happen. The first is that the customers in his shop begin to panic, understandably screaming and rushing around, trying to push past each other to get out of the burning establishment. The second is that a number of members of the Broken Gear gang equal to double the number of PCs plus 2 rushes in, breaking through the window. The players should now roll initiative.

This fight is intended to be tough and as such has the following special rules:

  • Panicked Citizens: Due to the number of people rushing for the exit, all ranged attacks suffer a -2 penalty for the first of combat, this drops to -1 on the second and on the third and subsequent rounds, the effects of this rule no longer apply.
  • Smoke-filled Interior: The smoke filling the shop makes it harder to accurately hit combatants in vital areas, as a result all Stunts cost one point more than usual. Should Dek successfully extinguish the fire (see below), the effects of this rule no longer apply.

Dek himself will not take part in the fight, spending his turn (Dex benefits from a 3 Dexterity (Initiative) ability) trying to extinguish the fire spreading throughout his shop. At the beginning of the encounter there are two fires, each dealing 1d6+2 damage to any character that enters, or starts their turn, in the fire. At the beginning of each round after the first, roll 1d6 for each fire, on a 6 another fire ignites nearby. Each fire requires a successful TN 13 Intelligence check, which Dex has a +3 bonus on.

Any nearby PC may also attempt to extinguish a fire, they need to pass the same check or use an appropriate Arcana. PCs may gain bonuses (no more than a +2) at the GMs discretion depending on their method of extinguishing the fire. The GM may also change the Ability and the focus needed for a PC to pass this check depending on the PCs actions.

When all the fires are out, Dek will retreat to the teleportation pad and defend it. Any attacks made against him miss and he will only make a mêlée attack in self-defence, with a +4 bonus and dealing 1d6+2 damage.

The gang members, using the profile below, will fight to the death and will pass all checks required to remain in the fight. Any PC taking a minor action to study them will note that their eyes are glowing slightly. A successful TN 13 Intelligence (Arcane Lore required) check will reveal that they have been magically compelled to attack the shop. Any attempts to dispel this magic fail.

One gang member, already in the shop when the fight breaks out, is there to steal something and can be found in the press of customers at the door during the first two rounds of combat. Spotting him requires a TN 15 Perception (Seeing) check and all PCs may attempt this as a free action at the start of their turn. If the PCs pass this check, they see a small figure holding something to its chest, leaving the shop as fast as they can.

Once the gang members are dead, Dek will approach the PCs and tell them that something has been stolen. He offers them the use of a special piece of equipment to track it down for him, while he repairs the damage done to the teleportation pad, now giving off multi-coloured sparks and plumes of smoke.

Using the device requires a PC to pass to a successful TN 11 Intelligence (Arcane Lore) check, or a TN 7 Intelligence (Arcane Lore) check if they ask Dek to explain how it works. Upon a successful check, the PC carrying the device is spun around to face the direction the thief took and they can see a small figure in the distance, running through the city.

NPC Profile

Broken Gear Gang Members
Abilities (Focuses)
2 Accuracy (Blaster Pistols)
0 Communication
1 Constitution
2 Dexterity
2 Fighting
0 Intelligence
1 Perception (Seeing)
1 Strength
1 Willpower
Speed Health Defence Armour Rating
12     / 15 12 3
Weapon Attack Roll Damage Range
Light Blaster Pistol +4 1d6+3 10/20
Dagger +2 1d6+2
Favoured Stunts: Knock Prone, Lightning Attack

Talents: Armour Training (Novice)

Weapon Groups: Brawling, Light Blades, and Blaster Pistols

Equipment: Light blaster pistol, light leather armour, dagger

Magically Compelled Berserkers

Read Chapter Three here

Any feedback is gratefully appreciated.

– Bubbles

TitansGrave: The Winds of Chaos – Chapter One of Twelve

Fantasy AGE, TitansGrave, TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana Adventure Series and all associated logos are trademarks of Green Ronin Publishling LLC.

TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana and its associated logo is a trademark of Geek and Sundry.

This is a fan-made product and not intended to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. I am not planning to make money off this product. If there is any problem with any part of this product or any missing information from this crediting section, I will update accordingly.

Chapter One: Leaving the Tomb of the Prophet

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this chapter, it is important to note two things. The first is that this chapter is purely intended for player characters who have completed The Ashes of Valkana. As such, if your player characters have not done so, or if this adventure takes place after the player characters have already left the Tomb of the Prophet, feel free to skip ahead to Chapter Two, they won’t really miss out on anything.

The second thing is that because this chapter is optional in terms of the adventure, if you still want to run it, feel free to run as much or as little of it as you wish. You may even have your own ideas about what player characters might find in the Tomb of the Prophet. The only really important scene in this Chapter is the last one, as long as you include that, and as long as you and your players have fun, you may modify this chapter in any way you wish.

No PC may gain the Touched by Chaos condition more than once in the following chapter, being given it therefore has no effect. Whilst the Touched by Chaos condition doesn’t feature often in this adventure, it becomes more significant towards the end of it so keeping track of which PC or PCs are Touched by Chaos is important.

All TNs in this, and subsequent, chapters are merely suggestions, as are hostile NPC numbers. If you want to change them (either to make checks/combats easier or harder), feel free to.

Scene One – Exploration, Combat (optional)

Read the following the players:

The laughter of the Prophet echoes around the room as her shade dissipates. The torches burning around you flicker, go out and then re-ignite, brighter than before. A cool breeze plays over your skin for a few seconds and the atmosphere clears, the constant buzz in your head, unnoticed until now, fading completely.

For the first time since you arrived in this warped demi-plane, you don’t feel like you are being watched and your thoughts are untainted by whispers and darkness. As you relax, enjoying the peace and serenity that begins to flow through you, the ground trembles.

What begins as a minor tremor, barely felt, becomes an abrupt and violent earthquake within the blink of an eye. Around you, torches fall over, the windows of the tomb break with a loud crash and the door splits, one half falling out into the plaza with an ear-shattering thump.

 After the players have had a chance to collect themselves, discuss what has just happened and begin trying to find their way back, the trail of blue flames once again appears in front of the bearer of the Staff of Forlorn Hope. The flames lead them deeper into the Tomb of the Prophet itself, through a previously hidden doorway. The flames will now lead them back to the teleportation portal by the swiftest, and only, route. Unbeknownst to the players, this is the route the PCs’ ancestors took to leave the Tomb after depositing the Prophet within it. The flames will lead the players to the first room before disappearing.

Whilst it is unimportant how many rooms and puzzles the PCs face (it is during this section of the chapter that you are invited to add your own puzzles, trials and encounters), they SHOULD encounter the following three rooms in any order:

The Brazier Room

As the PCs approach the door into this room, the Staff of Forlorn Hope begins to vibrate violently in the bearer’s hands. The bearer, and any party members nearby, must pass a TN 11 Dexterity (Acrobatics) check. Anyone who fails suffers 1d6 damage. This damage is caused by a minor magical explosion that tears the Staff of Forlorn Hope apart, causing it to fall to the ground in pieces. There are an equal number of pieces to the number of players. Ideally, the players will pick the pieces up and carry them with them. If they do this, the benefits of the Staff are conferred upon the player carrying the crystal that formed the head of the Staff.

The room beyond the doors contains 15 braziers arranged in a 5 feet by 3 feet grid with each brazier in the centre of a square. The braziers themselves are roughly 2 feet tall and 1 foot across, all seemingly identical. Should a player succeed on a TN 13 Perception (Seeing) check, they notice one of the nearby braziers has their ancestor’s name written upon it. Following this revelation, the other players may make a TN 11 Perception (Seeing) check to discover that all of the braziers in the room are undecorated apart from a select number inscribed with the names of the heroes of the Chaos Wars.

The braziers themselves must be lit without magical assistance. Encourage the players to be creative with their problem solving. As long the brazier is lit by a descendant of the hero inscribed upon it and as long as the fire is lit via mundane means, it remains lit. Any other attempts result in the flames glowing red and exploding outwards, dealing 1 damage but leaving the brazier intact. The only exception to this is if a PC attempts to light the brazier of another PCs ancestor, in this case the flames merely go out.

Should the players not notice the names written upon the braziers, there a chance that they light the correct ones anyway. Each time a PC lights a brazier, roll 2d6. If the roll results in a double, the brazier remains lit and that particular PC may no longer light another brazier. Attempting to do so results in the flames glowing red and exploding outwards as described above. In addition, that particular brazier may not be lit by any other PC, any attempt to do so results merely in the flames going out.

Once all the braziers are lit, the door on the far side of the room swings open.

The Statue Room

This is a room that is completely empty save for a statue in the centre of it. The statue looks like a normal member of the Staff bearer’s race and is completely devoid of any of the mutations and weapons that the PCs have seen on the other statues in this demi-plane, save for the fact is carved out of solid stone. As they walk past it, it stirs on its pedestal and turns to face them, asking them to stop.

If they do so, the statue will climb slowly down from the pedestal, changing as it does so. By the time it reaches the ground and faces the PCs, it looks like a perfectly unremarkable specimen of the Staff bearer’s race. It introduces itself as the sibling of the Staff bearer’s ancestor and is perfectly friendly in conversation. If the PCs continue to talk to it, it will say whatever it thinks they want to hear and asks if they will help it leave the tomb. If they agree, it will follow them at a distance for the rest of the chapter.

If they say no, it will follow the PCs at a distance and will require a TN 15 Perception (Seeing) check to spot.

Should the PCs initiate combat with the statue, it goes last in the initiative order, has a Defense of 6 and 1 Health. Upon being killed, the statue shatters into 1d6+3 crystals, each of which gives off a slight magical glow and can be crushed with a TN 7 Strength (Might) check to give the bearer 1d6 MP.

Unbeknownst to the PCs, the statue is actually the power source for the Staff of Forlorn Hope. Should it be destroyed, nothing happens to the effects of the Staff, the Staff itself has completely attuned to the current bearer’s power source. Should it enter the teleportation portal, either by following the PCs with their permission or sneaking through after them, all of the bonuses conferred by the Staff are increased to: +3 on Casting Rolls, the character’s Armour Rating is now 4 and Arcane Blasts benefit from a +3 to attack rolls and deal an extra 1d6+2 damage.

The downside of this, however, is that the bearer of the Staff may not use any items other than the Staff (including potions, vials, weapons etc.) without first succeeding on a TN 15 Willpower (Self-discipline) check as the Staff exerts its influence.

The Forest Room

This room is intended to unsettle the players and highlight what Dhawan’s influence can do if she reaches the height of her powers again, play up any aspects of it that seem to have the most effect and downplay those that don’t affect your players as much.

The trees in this room cast long shadows and obscure any signs of the exit door. As the PCs cross it, they should hear whispers and see flickers of movement in the trees around them. It should soon become clear that something is wrong, there is no far wall and the PCs may be travelling in circles.

The magic in this room is woven into the air itself, confusing those who try to cross it and hiding what should be in plain sight. The trick to crossing this room is to find the three landmarks:

  • Have one of the PCs see a rock cairn through a break in the trees. At a PCs touch, this cairn opens up to reveal a magically preserved Halfling seemingly entombed alive. He does not stir, but the magic that surrounds him like a force-field forms an impenetrable barrier should the PCs attempt to examine him further.
  • Somewhere in the forest, the PCs can hear thunder and see flashes of lightning. As they get closer, they can see that the lightning strikes a single tree, over and over again. Each time it is struck, the tree catches fire and burns to the ground before re-growing in the space of a few heartbeats and producing a single fruit. Once it has fully regrown, the lightning strikes again minutes later. Should the PCs take the fruit, it will grant the PC who eats it 1d6 Health, but confers upon them the Touched by Chaos condition.
  • Any player passing a TN 11 Perception (Hearing) check hears the soft burble of a stream nearby. Any PC capable of casting spells who drinks from this water regains all of their expended MP and gains the Touched by Chaos condition. Any other class, or a mage who has no MP missing from their pool, who drinks from the water gains the Touched by Chaos condition.

After all three of these landmarks have been found, not necessarily interacted with, characters that have the Touched by Chaos condition become convinced that something is following them. Any character that turns directly around to look the way they have come finds the exit door is three feet away from them. If no character is Touched by Chaos, this happens to the Staff bearer instead (or the person carrying the Staff’s crystal).

When the players have completed all three of these rooms, and any others of your devising, move onto Scene Two.

Scene Two – Exploration

Read the following aloud:

As you cross the threshold of the last door, the blue flames spring into existence again, leading you away into the darkness. As you follow it, the walls around you start to glow with arcane sigils of warding and protection and the air begins to warm noticeably. The flames stop in front of an ornate metal door which swings open at your touch.

The room beyond is cavernous and swelteringly hot. Along one wall, lava falls endlessly into a chasm, lighting the room easily. The floor is constructed of some strange, mottled metal, the tiles fitted neatly together and covered in more arcane sigils. The centre of the room is dominated by a massive anvil constructed of some dark, lustrous metal. The forge next to it is cold, the large stone fire-pit empty and the bellows laying unused and torn.

 If the PCs touched the cairn in the forest room, the Halfling they found within is sitting atop the anvil wearing a smith’s apron. He looks up at their approach and smiles.

This is the first room that the heroes of the Chaos War created in this demi-plane, a forge constructed solely to house the Anvil of Order upon which everything else in the demi-plane was constructed. Whilst it has lain dormant for centuries, the forge is in perfect working order, with the exception of the bellows which must be fixed if they want to repair the Staff of Forlorn Hope.

Any character investigating the forge must pass a TN 11 Intelligence (Engineering) or Dexterity (Crafting required) check to determine what the Halfling says is true. Should the Halfling not be present, a TN 13 Intelligence (Engineering) or Dexterity (Crafting required) check will reveal that the forge is perfect working order, with the exception of the bellows, and possesses all of the tools they will need to fix the Staff of Forlorn Hope.

Once in this room, the PCs cannot leave until they fix the Staff. In order to do this, they must repair the bellows, channel the lava into the forge and assemble to the components upon the Anvil.

As before, reward players for creative problem solving but if they remain stuck, offer them appropriate clues for succeeding on a TN 11 Intelligence (Engineering) or Dexterity (Crafting required) check for repairing the bellows and fixing the staff. Directing the lava requires a successful TN 11 Intelligence (Arcana Lore) check to provide clues. Each check only produces only one clue, regardless of the degrees of success.

To fix the bellows, the PCs need only find a suitable material to repair the hole and succeed on a TN 11 Dexterity (Crafting) check.

To direct the lava, the PCs should activate a certain sequence of sigils along the floor, opening channels and bridges into the lava to funnel it towards the forge. When it reaches the forge, another sequence of sigils should be activated to enhance the heat and power of the lava. Both sequences require a successful TN 13 Intelligence (Arcane Lore) check to activate. If the players devise a workable alternative to this, allow them to use it.

Fixing the staff requires a successful TN 13 Intelligence (Arcane Lore) check to assemble the pieces in the correct order and then a successful TN 13 Dexterity (Crafting) or Intelligence (Engineering) check to fix it properly with the forge. Alternatively, the Halfling is willing and able to fix the Staff as long as the PCs get the forge working properly again. Again, if the players devise a workable alternative to this, allow them to use it.

As soon as the Staff is fixed, a door appears on the far wall in a flare of blue fire. This door leads directly to the teleportation portal the PCs arrived though. The portal itself is not there and the PCs should pass a TN 11 Perception (Seeing) check to notice that two gems have fallen from the frame. Another successful TN 11 Perception (Seeing) check will reveal that the gems, knocked loose during the earthquake, have fallen to the floor. One of the gems has smashed beyond repair but the other is undamaged.

A successful TN 11 Intelligence (Arcane Lore) check will reveal that only one gem is needed to make the portal work, but it can only take them to the general area of the linked teleportation portal. Placing the gem in either of the empty spaces activates the portal and allows the PCs to enter it.

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