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Fleshing Out a Character

My apologies for the unannounced hiatus. The weekly updates should resume from now.

This week’s post will be short but, hopefully, inspiring.

Because you aren’t responsible for building and populating the world around the PCs, as a player you have far more freedom to develop your own character. Most players do this through IC (in character) conversations and revelations brought up through play and leave it there.

Whilst doing this fine, there is no right or wrong way to roleplay (strictly speaking), some roleplayers (myself included) find this experience a little….lacking.

If you feel this way, don’t be afraid to indulge your creative side every now and then.  Roleplaying, after all, is improvising fiction, so why not continue the fiction? Write a vignette or short story. Paint a picture. Heck, you could even cook your character’s favourite food if the mood strikes you in that manner. For myself, I tend to write things. It’s where my strength lies (I like to think) and, as my current character is a Bard, seems appropriate.

On top of keeping in character journals, a habit started a few years ago in a Call of Cthulhu campaign (the journal is now classed as a Mythos tome), I write vignettes, sagas to record the group’s deeds and now, for the first time, a monologue of my Bard delivering her latest work in the tavern after a fruitful adventure into a nearby ruin.


– Bubbles




The Roleplaying Monologues: Episode Wibble

The above monologue was written and delivered from the point of view of my EXTREMELY traumatised Call of Cthulhu character, Christine Bjovon. I apologise for my butchering of the Norwegian language at the end (and if anyone would like to teach me Norwegian, that would be fantastic).

I tried to convey her worsening state of mind as best I could and I hope it was successful. Apologies for the generally iffy quality of delivery, it’s something that only practice will improve.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it because I’m planning on doing a monologue for all of my characters eventually.