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The Birth of the People of Stone

The following was written as a creation myth for my current D&D character (a Goliath) based upon some ideas I had for the origin of Dwarves in my homebrew setting.

It is my hope that you find it inspiring enough for your own games or writing.


At the beginning of the world, when the rivers walked like people, all of the land was flat and the stars spoke to each other, the Skymother and the Earthfather fell in love.

The Skymother, a being of beautiful savagery and untamed perfection, has always existed. It was she who birthed the stars and gave life to the rivers. It was she who gave the moon his glow.

The Earthfather, the Eternal Rock and He Who Feeds, has always existed. It was he who moulded the world into the shape it is and tore the sun and moon apart. It was he who taught the First to speak and to farm.

It was as she watched the rivers cross the infinite plains of the world, that the Skymother came upon the Earthfather. He was weakened from his battles with the sun and moon, sorely wounded and near to death. She took pity on this mighty man and nursed him back to health.

The Earthfather, thinking he was the only eternal force, was surprised when the Skymother found him and, at first, distrusted her.

For every poultice she applied, he tore a rent in his skin. For every potion she gave him, a bitter tear of resentment spilled down his cheek. In the darkest corner of his heart, he vowed to never be helpless again.

For countless years, she ministered to his wounds and the pair slowly fell in love.

To the Skymother, he was everything she was not. Where she was tempestuous, he was steady. Where she was passionate, he was calm.

To the Earthfather, she was everything he was not. Where she was innocent, he was cunning. Where she was trusting, he was hard-hearted.

As the Earthfather grew in strength, they began to talk of the future. She wished to create life, beings free from her control who could explore the world and bring their love of it to her. He wished to fill the world with life, beings dependent upon him for food and sustenance.

Slowly, they populated the world around them, bestowing many different forms of life with aspects of their power.

Finally, when he was strong enough, they consummated their love.

As they caressed each other in the way of Lovers, the Skymother saw into the Earthfather’s darkest heart and saw his intent to corrupt her creations, and to force them to serve him. She cried out in anguish and tried to tear herself from his grasp.

With a roar of anger, he trapped her in claws of stone wrenched from the flatlands and forced himself upon her.

When he was spent, she fled the prison of the First Mountains and retreated to a hidden place in this new, mountainous world.

There she birthed her children and gifted them with a portion of her own spirit. These People, born of both Sky and Earth, would never serve another. In place of a soul, a bolt of lightning fuels their drive for independence.

As they grew, she taught them all she knew and they grew into a passionate, but trusting people.

It was only a matter of time before the Earthfather found them.

With a cry, the Skymother fled, the memories of his assault overpowering her. Seeing what she had done to their children, the Earthfather vowed that if they would not serve him, they would not eat.

He cast them from the hidden place and cursed them with a wanderlust that would not allow them to settle and farm. This curse only strengthened their love for the wild, untamed places of the world.

This is how the People of Stone came to roam the mountains. This is how the People of Stone came to forget their mother. This is how the People of Stone came to be.