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Prophecies of the Elements

Here is a selection of prophecies to inspire your own story hooks in whatever tabletop rpg you are playing, or to provide an ambiguous plotline for you to incorporate into your own games.

I would be interested to know what you, or your players, make of them, so please let me know in the comments.


When the sun burns green,

And the trees sing in an unknown breeze,

A faceless man will bring a rose from the East.

When he reaches the tower and gifts the rose to a woman of unmatched knowledge,

The winds of the Great Plains will sweep over the land and bring plague with them.


At the dawning of the new age,

An age of blood, steel and smoke,

A child will be born.

To her, will the secrets of the Ancients be given,

To her, will all the skill of the Children of the Stone be taught.

When she is of age, a great calamity will befall the house of Hask.

Only a gift of the earth, purest of the many Azure Crowns, will save it.


As the sun and the moon meet,

As the seas fall calm and the animals sleep,

As the plants in the field wither,

He shall come unbidden.

A stranger, cloaked and playing a lute,

With hair of fire and tongue of silver.

He will charm all who see him,

And destroy all who follow him.

He brings the cold, cleansing fire of death.


There is a cave in the middle of the world,

A mouth of broken stone and trailing plants.

A bear lives in the cave, her fur matted and hide scarred.

The world-bear carries the weight of the world on her shoulders and guards the fortunes of all.

At the height of its powers, a great empire will challenge the moon for supremacy of the night.

It will win, and the moon will fall, shattered into a hundred pieces.

As it dies, the seas will rise and wash into the cave, drowning the bear.

My vision sees nothing more,

Save a bear skull bobbing on a tide of blood.


The Coming of the Four

It’s a short one this week, folks. This is mostly due to health issues leading me unable to properly proof anything I have in the buffer.

Without further ado, here is a prophecy for use in your own game(s).


When the world turns its back on the light,

When the moon turns its back on the dark,

When Five become Three become Seven,

When the long-awaited Tyrant returns;

Four champions shall arise,

Three heralds will talk of their coming,

Two mounts will carry them swiftly to their fate,

One Doom will bind them.

When all of this comes to pass,

The World will have ended and will begin anew,

The same,

But different,

Forever changed,

Always the same.

As their Doom unravels,

The world will see the champions for what they are,

The champions will see the world for what it is,

And the cycle will end.


There won’t be an update next week, but I have many more things planned for next year.

May your dice roll favourably!