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Class: Runecarver

Today marks the release of my next class for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, the Runecarver can be found here.

If you have any comments, criticisms or other feedback, please let me know.

If you aren’t sold on it already, from last week’s design notes, here is the first page of the supplement to explain the lore behind Runecarvers.


The halfling laughs as they swing their hammer in a wide arc. Across the field of battle, their human ally crushes a glowing stone and a rune on the halfling’s weapon flares brightly. The hammer becomes surrounded by a corona of flames and slams into the orc’s shin where a cloud of sparks peppers the brute’s skin.

The dwarf whispers under its breath, plucking a faintly glowing stone from a pouch at its belt and crushing it into a fine powder that disappears into the air. The rune etched into the glass lenses of the dwarf’s spectacles glows with life. The dwarf pushes the glasses up its nose and grins in delight as the enchantment allows them to see into the Ethereal Plane and find the party member trapped there.

The tabaxi hisses in frustration as the hobgoblin cuts the last rope holding the bridge in place. It collapses with a loud rattling noise. Wordlessly, the genasi next to it offers a cloak embroidered with an intricate rune, already glowing with power. The tabaxi takes it, a savage grin on its lips, and springs into the air, flying across the crevasse.

Students of the Enchanting Arts

Runecarvers are driven by an insatiable need to tame magic and bring what order they can to the chaotic nature of the world. They are the both the quiet scholar in the dark corner of the library and the wild explorer, testing out their new theories and skills in the middle of a raging battle. When not breaking the laws of nature with a variety of magical effects, most Runecarvers can be found practicing their inscribing abilities and refining their knowledge of runes.

Runecarvers can be found in many areas of life. Whether dominating the battlefield with every swing of their magically empowered weapon or aiding their allies by boosting their defenses and giving them a variety of supernatural abilities, the Runecarver knows the value of teamwork. Their skills naturally lend themselves to a frontline support role where they can keep an eye on their allies and activate the effects of their runes for maximum effect.

Patient Scholars

Runecarvers are the ideal of the careful artisan. The runes they study, and the magical power they channel, require a calm mind and a steady hand to inscribe properly. Every apprentice is taught about the dangers of their art and knows too well the risks of activating poorly inscribed runes. Most Runecarvers learn the basics of their craft in a magical school of some sort, studying alongside wizards and other practitioners of the arcane. Others are taught by a travelling Runecarver who recognises the potential of the student. However they learn the basics of their craft, all Runecarvers quickly realise their life is not an easy one, nor for the easily distracted.

Runecarvers, almost without fail, are sent into the wider world to develop their art in a practical setting. Even those more at home in the library and behind the walls of a magical institution quickly learn the value of refining their runes through practical application. Whilst they know their travelling companions may not fully understand the intricacies of rune-carving, a Runecarver is usually happy to explain what they are doing. It is, after all, a rare skill to possess.