Fiction (Fanfic or Otherwise)


Agents of Stability

Pearl’s Prologue

Lyta’s Prologue

Torvak’s Prologue

Hilmar’s Prologue

The Beginning of Things

Myths and Legends

A creation myth for Dwarves, Trolls, Mountain Giants and various other mountain-based races – The Birth of the People of Stone

An oral tradition surrounding the source of the hellish sandstorms which scour the Ozark Desert – The Fall of the Yentai Empire

Sans Comic

Belladonna Origins – Page One

Belladonna Origins – Page Two

Critical Role Relationship Week 2017 (05/02 – 11/02)

Shaun Gilmore and Scanlan Shorthalt – Hustling the Hustler

Kashaw Vesh and Lady Kima of Vord – Sparring ‘Neath the Gods

Allura Vysoren and Trinket – Bear in a Workshop

Jarett Howarth and Lady Kima of Vord – A Warning From God

Allura Vysoren and Kaylie Shorthalt – A Lesson in Spell-casting

Jarett Howarth and Trinket – Prepared for Anything

Lady Kima of Vord and Cassandra de Rolo – A Grave Conversation

Songs, Poems and Stories

Funeral Songs

One-off Fiction

Introductory piece for a Promethean: the Created campaign I ran. – Don’t Take Anything for Granted

A short story inspired by a Call of Cthulhu character I rolled up, with added steampunk elements. – A Visit to the Orient

A vignette I wrote to say farewell to a D&D character I played in a 3 session game. – The Long Wait

A vignette about one of my D&D character’s childhood. – A Little Girl’s Dream

A short story about the Ordos Xenos Deathwatch from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 – The Empty Halls

A Critical Role fan-fiction – The Warden Below

A slice of character background for my Monsterheart’s character – The Incident

A short piece inspired by Shadowrun – The Meet

A vignette concerning the background of one of my Call of Cthulhu characters – A Moment to Herself

A vignette detailing the fabricated backstory my D&D character shared with her original party – By the Campfire

A Critical Role fan-fiction about Nott the goblin – What Am I?

A vignette about what happens when the hunters find the monsters under the bridge inspired by Promethean: the Created – The Monsters Under the Bridge

A vignette about a Changeling escaping to the mortal world, inspired by Changeling: the Lost – Running from the Pack

A vignette detailing some of the abuse my D&D character was subjected to as a child – A Darkened Cell

Two lovers are reunited as the world turns dark around them – A Night of Desire

A farewell to one of my favourite long term characters – Apology on a Tear-stained Note

A vampire’s monologue, inspired by Vampire: the Requiem – Reflection of the Faithful

What happens when the heist goes bad? – Something Went Wrong

A vignette detailing the concept for a Scion character I have kicking around my brain – After Work

The PCs in my D&D campaign gifted a fortune to some homeless half-elves and left. This is what happened afterwards – Golden Hope

My D&D character sacrificed herself to save the day. This is how it happened – The Angel of Beauty


A science-fiction short I wrote about anxiety – The Cure For Anxiety

A short story I wrote for a Cthulhu-mythos anthology. Fair warning that it may contain disturbing material. – The Feast

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