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Atlas Inspirare

Mara’s Wake

The Fademarsh

Marcher’s Vale

Thalen – Omnis

The Starspire Forest

The Ozark Desert

The Monarchy of the Enduring Sages

The World and its People

The Radford House


Thalen – Omnis

The Bright Cliffs – A region within the Starspire Forest

Deephaven – A city beneath the Starspire Forest

The Sundered Cliffs – A settlement within the Starspire Forest which lives in fear of something monstrous

Borealis Hold – A desert-folk Hold in the Ozark Desert entirely dependent on the aquifer it is built under.

Vornal’s Refuge – A settlement on the Ozark Desert where anyone can find a home.

The Sapphire Grove – A trade-centre built around a large oasis in the Ozark Desert.

Encounters for the Back Pocket

The Warehouse

The Toll-bridge

The Menagerie

Plot Hooks

Plot Hooks 1

Plot Hooks 2

Plot Hooks 3

Plot Hooks 4 – People of Interest

Prophecies and Fortunes

The Coming of the Four

Prophecies of the Elements

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Illness on the Table-top

D&D 5e race – Gems